Aerosol Transmission Laboratory

Aerosol Transmission Studies and Testing

The Aerosol Transmission Laboratory provides a wide range of services in the generation, transmission, and recovery of airborne pathogens including both bacteria and viruses. Based on over a decade of conducting successful aerosol studies we offer assistance with:

  • Patient intervention trials (pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical) within selected clinical care settings (emergency departments to inpatient units)
  • Human transmission studies involving healthy participants
  • Non-human aerosol transmission studies within a laboratory setting

Aerosol Transmission LaboratoryOur technical skills, expertise, and established systems can assist academic and industry partners with all of their aerosol transmission study needs. Additional services that can be provided include consultation, assistance with study design and study coordination. Examples of past studies and consultations include:

  • Environmental burden – air purification systems
  • Efficacy of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE – face masks/respirators/face shields/eye-protection)
  • Drug interventions (intranasal and oral administration)
  • Evaluation of the impact of environmental conditions on pathogen viability (temperature, humidity, UV)

Learn more about working with the Aerosol Transmission Lab by contacting Wake Forest Innovations at +1.336.713.1111 or

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