Chemical Biology

The Chemical Biology Core Lab, located at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, catalyzes the drug discovery pipeline by fostering industrial and business partnerships and alliances with other researchers in academia and industry.

The laboratory provides access to a world-class facility and capabilities in the field of chemical biology and drug discovery.

Its equipment and services include:

Mass Spectrometry

Micromass Ultima—A 4000 amu mass range triple quadrupole analyzer equipped with Z-Spray electrospray ionization source and an HP 1100 Quaternary HPLC system and 100 position autosampler.

Finnegan MAT LCQ—A 2000 amu quadrupole ion trap analyzer equipped with API electrospray ionization.

NMR Spectroscopy

Metabolomics is the science of identifying small-molecule metabolites in organisms, tissues, cells and biofluids. Metabolomics provides a snapshot of a sample’s metabolite content and can identify up- or down-regulation of pathways and processes as a function of genotype, physiology, pathology and environment. As with other “omics” strategies such as genomics and proteomics, metabolomics seeks to quantitate all detectable components, allowing tracking of ~20-1000 metabolites per experiment. This allows the investigator both to identify and propose new models and to test multivariate models.

The Chemical Biology Core Lab offers NMR- and LCMS-based metabolite profiling services. These methods are able to identify and quantitate numerous small-molecule metabolites present in biofluids, tissue extracts and cell extracts. Typical sample requirements range from 10 to 200 mg for NMR analysis and 1 to 50 microg for LCMS analysis. For both NMR and MS analyses, metabolites must be extracted into aqueous phase. In general, this is done via methanol:water:chloroform extraction of biofluids or homogenized tissues/cells. Specific protocols are sample- dependent, please contact us for more information.


Robotics capabilities are provided by the Tecan Freedom EVO 200. The Tecan robot is an advanced, proven and reliable liquid handling system for different scales and throughputs. The EVO 200 is equipped with an eight-point liquid handling arm and an extended work area.

Freedom EVO workstations can automate a diverse range of applications including primary and secondary screening, cell growth and maintenance, nucleic acid sample preparation, hit picking, library management and sample weighing.


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