Custom Diet Development

Diet plays a crucial role in human health and disease. The diet laboratory of Preclinical Translational Services has been in existence for more than 40 years. During that time, it has developed a formulary of more than 1,400 custom primate and rodent diets designed to model a wide variety of human nutritional environments.

Our diet laboratory is prepared to design diets with components to meet virtually any experimental need while at the same time providing adequate nutrition for the target species.

Macro and micro nutritional components can be modified to specification, and therapeutic compounds added when necessary. Diet is typically manufactured in 10 kg batches with quality control aliquots from each batch archived and assessed according to sponsor needs.

Features of the diet lab include:

  • Temperature-controlled storeroom
  • Freezers for storage of prepared diets
  • Diets developed in consultation with principal investigators and laboratory supervisors
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