Veterinary Pathology

The Veterinary Pathology Laboratory is committed to scientific excellence while providing responsiveness to partner issues and an excellent turnaround time.

Our veterinary pathologists have more than 30 years of experience with comparative and anatomical pathology, gross pathology and histopathology in preclinical studies. We use well-established evaluation criteria and exploit validated methods to ensure high quality work at all times. We provide direct collaboration with partners and participate in the development of study protocols, selection of appropriate pathological studies and analysis of data.

Our specific capabilities include

  • Paraffin, plastic and cryo-sectioning
  • Routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining
  • Battery of histochemical special stains
  • Wide range of immunohistochemical markers
  • Ultrastructural studies

All services are rendered from our on-site laboratories. Research is performed in full compliance with protocol and regulatory requirements, and is under constant review and implementation of applicable procedures.

Using modern photographic equipment, our pathologists and technicians will handle all macroscopic and microscopic findings. All pathology reports are individualized per client specifications and include animal demographics, descriptive narration, digital gross images and histology photomicrographs, tabulated data, diagnosis of lesions and discussion of significant findings.

Learn more about working with the Veterinary Pathology lab by contacting Wake Forest Innovations at +1.336.713.1111 or

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