Virtual Microscopy Core Lab

Creating high-quality, digitally scanned images of microscope slides

The Virtual Microscopy Core Lab uses state-of-the-art digital technology to generate highly accurate, detailed virtual images of glass slides that can be used by physicians, scientists, students and attorneys.

The publication-quality micrographs created by our two high-quality scanners:

  • Allow 3-D viewing and manipulation just as with an actual microscope slide.
  • Offer magnification of up to 100X, as well as fluorescence.
  • Give users a chance to see the exact same tissue.
  • Can be sent via secure server around the world without fear of damage as with original glass slides.
  • Study sets, forensic or external consults can be saved to a database.

The Virtual Microscopy Core Lab is ideal for:

  • Scientists and researchers: The digital quality level of the virtual images allows sharing of details—both in person during presentations and via teleconferencing—previously impossible.
  • Physicians: Virtual microscopy has tremendous value for secondary diagnoses and consultations. Physicians can see duplications of primary tissue samples and manipulate the virtual images to view different magnifications and dimensions.
  • Educators: Educators can get slides that can be used to diagnose “unknown’’ diseases or problems. The digital quality of the virtual images far surpasses any means of display for conference viewing.
  • Attorneys: The Virtual Microscopy Core Lab allows attorneys to view forensic evidence in civil litigation and criminal cases. One key benefit is that because multiple parties frequently need to review forensics, all will be seeing exactly the same material as was originally taken into evidence.

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